“Smith” does not blame Covid, hurts a lot, makes turmeric form bu

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Dean Smith, manager of Norwich City did not blame his injury and infection by David Bull team after the game they lost at home 5-0 Arsenal.

Deforce “canary”. of the British coach Still can’t find a good form, open the house to lose to “Cannon” to a overwhelming 5-0, sinking in the bottom of the table next While they also face player injuries and contracting coronavirus in the squad before the match.

Soon though, it is down to the serious business of football, which becomes ever more heightened when you are deep in a relegation battle, as the Canaries currently find themselves.

“I use tennis terminology in the dressing room to describe our performance. It was full of mistakes that weren’t forced to happen,” Smith told MOTD after the game.

“We conceded two easy fouls and two easy goals late and can’t drop the standard from the last two games against Manchester United.”

“We lost 3-0 at Spurs and lost 1-0 at Manchester United but I can accept that because we played well in those games. Can’t take advantage of opportunity to inform ourselves

. But I didn’t come here to make excuses. We have to do better than we played today.”