“Rangnick” is not pleased with Man Utd form. Too many mistakes in this game

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Interim manager Ralph Rangnick has been unimpressed with his players’ performance after their 1-1 draw with Newcastle, citing the error in the game. Too,

the “Red Devils” army of the German coach, who has been on hiatus for two weeks, today returned to show poor form, having to chase after the underdog “Salikadong” almost losing 1-1, keeping them still in seventh place. stay the same

“I wasn’t happy with our performance today,” Rangnick told BBC Sport after the game.

And the goal conceded in the first half didn’t make things any easier.”

“In the first half we had a lot of trouble. In the second half we were able to do better but it was still a question of energy and physique. We have to improve this point further.”

“We shouldn’t look for excuses and have to meet the demands for speed, tempo, tempo and transition we had several chances to score but the New Castle was there as well, “

” good thing is that we still have the points back after a 1-0 lead before the play, but it must do better than this, “

” El. Dinson is a top striker who has been missing through injury. It is good that he is back again, and he was active in the second half “

” We still have several steps to move forward. And today it’s not moving forward. We must reduce the number of gifts given to competitors and uncompressed mistakes. These are the steps we need to continue developing.”

“We have to play one game at a time. We still have very physically-intensive games against Burnley and Wolves pending, the result is still on the way but we have to do better than what we did today.