‘Pique’ dissects me, Messi isn’t human, Ronaldo is the best

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Gerard Pique has expressed his views on the question of the world. “Messi and Ronaldo Who is better?” before answering like a fan service on both sides. Tell them both are the best players in history.

34-year-old Barcelona centre-back Having had the opportunity to interview with BT Sport and be asked the most difficult question in football, before answering tentatively,

Pique insisted that his former team-mate’s talent is not human, while Ronaldo is a good man. the most

“I think they are both amazing,” Pique said.

“We are talking about two of the best players. not just in the world But in the history of this sport, “

” I’ve always said Messi’s talent, something that others do not have, I mean, he had the ball and speed ball “

.” The ball was never more than two meters away from his feet, it was always with him. No one can follow him. This is a talent that I haven’t seen from anyone before.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a different player. Very different, he’s strong, he’s really perfect to do that, “

” He scored with a header, free kick, penalty, a duel one on one “

” But it seems that Messi is not human. Ronaldo is the best human being.”According to a report from ufabet.