Norwich should be relegated after letting Xhaka take on Ronaldinho’s spirit

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Granit Xhaka has been teased by Arsenal fans after wearing the spirit of Ronaldinho’s ‘jogo bonito’ trick in the 5-0 win over Norwich City. And telling if the Swiss midfielder dares to show off. This size The canary team deserves to be relegated.

In an out-of-class game, Arsenal went on to thrash Norwich City 5-0 on Boxing Day,

although Xhaka failed to score. But he completely stole the scene. With a shot showing skills similar to Ronaldinho, the legend of Samba, known for beautiful football tricks in the style of ‘jogo bonito’

The 29-year-old star sees that he has space. have plenty of time So show a trick to use behind the control ball. before turning back to play

It is a shot that likes football fans to the point that they tease them on social media in various ways. Some people are amazed that people like Shaka will play like this. To the tease that Norwich should be relegated for letting the artillery midfielder dare to throw at him.

“No, this is too insulting,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “If Xhaka dares to take the spirit of Ronaldinho, Come out and fight with have to quit making a football team.”

“They dared to let Xhaka play ‘slomo jogo bonito’. Norwich must have been so bad.” Another fan came in a bit more local.

“Xhaka was the last person I thought to do that.. It’s funny,” another supporter joked:

“Norwich is relegated because of this, Xhaka is probably the last person I think to do this”

to “the man who stole his soul from there. His 6-star skill.” According to a report from ufabet.