‘Lukaku’ came down to make a difference, bringing Chelsea back to win

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Celebrity guru Jamie Redknapp has hailed striker Romelu Lukaku for helping bring Chelsea back into the orbit of the title race.

Spearheading the Belgian national team Haven’t started in the last 11 games in the Premier League. due to injury and contracting coronavirus Which he was sent down during half-time when the Aston Villa 1-1

“Big Cabinet” took only 11 minutes to score a goal to lead the team successfully. And is the first goal he has scored since September last. After that, he also called the team a penalty before the end of time.

Redknapp said, “Lukaku brought his team back. come on the path of winning the championship on their own.”

“They need something. They need a spark And this is what he brought down. In the first half they played in a flash. The manager just scratched his head and thought. “What are you doing?”

“It was obvious to bring him down. Because they had a lot of trouble with Christian Pulisic in the No. 9 position in the first half.”

“Tyrone Mings and Ezry Konza put Pulisic in the punch. They play easily. But when Mings Hit the goalkeeper after Lukaku came on the field, they knew they were going to have a fight in the next 45 minutes

. He made a huge difference. He added to his confidence. Everything is starting to fit in.”

“You can play from the depths. You can play from behind. That gives you a clear guideline. You can put the ball to him… He makes them different from the back of the hand.

” They seemed to play completely differently with him in the front. And when they have the best players like N’Golo and Lukaku on the pitch, Chelsea look a lot better. They are definitely on the road to winning the trophy.”

“For me now is the city with Liverpool That is the best team, but Chelsea must hope that maybe City There is something to stumble or not to do “

” But if Chelsea want to win Luke’s has to be a critical part of it. “According to a report from ufabet.