“Leao” is only annoyed with Milan

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AC Milan winger Rafael Leao admits he is not happy with the team’s goalless draw against Bologna and sees them trying to find a solution to the finishing problem

. The Red Devils “missed the opportunity to score points away from the team after opening the home. They can only draw with Bologna without a goal. Despite having more than 33 chances to do it, making them add 67 points, leading Napoli just One point

“I think it’s a bad draw. We tried everything we could to get the three points and get away from the top,” Leao told ufabet Sport Italia after the game.

“We keep working, we have to work a lot. There was a lack of clarity and we will try to improve the things that didn’t work out. Now let’s think about the next matches.

. “Now we have to focus on the next game. start strong Defend well and win. That’s the most important thing right now.”

Milan had 55 shots in the past two games and only scored one.

“We just have to get the ball into the bottom of the net. That’s what we’re missing. We have to keep trying to fix each other. and look for what has been missing over the past several games. Hopefully the results will be the best.”