Juventus match – Napoli postponed After the covid epidemic

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Big Serie A match between Juventus and Napoli. Implied that he had to be postponed As the number of people infected with COVID-19 increases.

A new wave of COVID-19 outbreaks emerges. Omicron species more serious in Europe. The football industry has been hit to the fullest.

The latest match between Juventus and Napoli on January 6 may be postponed. 

One of the top Serie A fixtures of the season. Was abandoned amid bizarre scenes on Sunday. When Napoli failed to turn up to face Juventus.

With the Serie A league refusing to call the game off. Juventus arrived at the Allianz stadium in Turin in their team bus one hour before the scheduled kickoff time and announced their lineup while match officials were also present.The floodlights were turned on, the match day music was played and photographs showed Juventus players on the pitch in training kits — with Napoli still in Naples.

Due to being infected with COVID-19 More and more players in Serie A.

Antonio Welt Moray, Director, Public Health Office. The local Napoli 2 revealed that the failure to issue new rules toprevent the spread.

Of the virus  and is worried about the situation of Omicron

The game in Napoli Must visit Juventus After the new year break, Damore is not sure if the game will happen or not.

“It’s still very unpredictable. We also have to see if the government will make other decisions to regulate,” Dammore said.

“Some players have to come back from the holidays. I don’t think Fabian Ruiz will come back from Spain easily. It’s a situation that needs to be monitored.

” Last season This match became an issue. When Napoli were unable to come to the tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic, they were fined 3-0 before finally winning their appeal.

As for last week, a similar incident happened. When Salernitana unable to travel to meet Udinese until he lost 3-0.

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