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Bayern ready to sell Nuebel next summer.

Alexander Nuebel is set to leave Bayern Munich permanently next football summer. But ending up with Stuttgart may not be difficult as the White Horse are not ready money matters. ‘Sport Bild’ reported on Wednesday that Bayern Munich is ready to consider selling. Alexander Nuebel in

Manchester United have a crush on Galatasaray right-back Sasha Boey.

Manchester United are rumored to be interested in signing Galatasaray right-back Sasha Boey. Boey is being watched by a number of Premier League clubs including Arsenal, Brighton and Burnley. The 23-year-old has made a name for himself as Galatasaray’s key right-back in recent years. And is

Brazil gives Ancelotti a deadline until New Year’s Eve.

Carlo Ancelotti is rumored to have until New Year’s Eve to accept that. He will become the new coach of the Brazil national football team. The Real Madrid boss has heavily linked. With leaving his position at the Santiago Bernabeu to take up his first

Real Madrid are very confident of acquiring Alphonso Davis.

Real Madrid are increasingly confident that Bayern Munich’s attacking left-back Alphonso Davis will join them next summer. The La Liga giants rose to the top of the Spanish league at the weekend. After beating Barcelona 2-1 at Camp Nou thanks to the brilliance of Jude

West Ham interested in signing Watford forward Dennis

West Ham United have been link with a bid for Watford forward Emmanuel Dennis. Teams that have just be relegated from the Premier League this season. The 24-year-old shooting star has been a key force in the team in the past year. This is his first year with the

“Leao” is only annoyed with Milan

AC Milan winger Rafael Leao admits he is not happy with the team’s goalless draw against Bologna and sees them trying to find a solution to the finishing problem . The Red Devils “missed the opportunity to score points away from the team after opening

‘Shakhtar’ helps to open the former homecoming as a safe haven

Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukrainian club contributed until the stadium was able to open Arena Lviv, the club’s former stadium As a haven for refugees at this time, the Ukrainian team moved to a 35,000-seat stadium in the western part of the country between July 2014 and December 2016

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Placing bets through various channels, whether it is a general casino or an online casino. On the UFABET betting website , it is believed that the purpose of all gamblers is It would be a profit from placing a huge amount of bets. But like placing bets without principles It will

TAA drops ‘Mane, Jota’ a dangerous ball in the air.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool‘s full-back has revealed that Sadio Mane and Diogo Jota are two key attackers. His goal is to play the ball because he can play the ball in the air. Trent is often the contractor to open free kicks and corners for the team. And, of