Use of calcium.

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Calcium is an important mineral in building strong bones and teeth. Necessary for the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system. If the body does not get enough Calcium in the bones will be used instead. This results in fragile and weakened bones. Osteoporosis can occur.

Take the recommended amount of calcium. not too much or too often so as not to risk side effects.

It should be taken 1–1.5 hours after a meal for optimal absorption. or as directed by a physician. But patients with gastric acidosis should take it with meals. So that the stomach can absorb.

Calcium supplements should be taken with a full glass of water or juice. However, if calcium carbonate is used as a phosphate reducer in dialysis. There is no need to drink water.

chewable intake The tablets should be chewed thoroughly before swallowing.

Syrup calcium should be taken before meals will make it absorb faster. And can be mixed with water or juice for babies or young children.

Supplements should not be taken within 1–2 hours of other medications, as this will prevent the other medications from working properly ทางเข้า

Do not take other medications or supplements that are high, phosphate, magnesium or vitamin D. If the doctor has not ordered or allowed

Those who are being treat for hypocalcemia supplements should not be take after eating. Eat high-fiber foods.  

Such as bran, bread, or cereals within 1–2 hours. Do not drink too much alcohol or caffeine or smoke hookah while on medication.

In case of forgetting to take to eat immediately or skip to the next time. Do not add replacement doses.

Taking as supplements.

should take into account the amount and type in the product. For example, calcium carbonate contains 40% calcium. So 1,250 mg carbonate contains 500 mg of elemental calcium. All calcium supplements are better absorb when take in food. less than 500 mg between meals

In addition, Supplements often contain other vitamins or minerals. Such as vitamin D  and magnesium. Before taking supplements, always talk to your doctor or pharmacist. And read the ingredients list on the product label carefully before eating.