How to eat? Don’t let gout

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How to eat? Don’t let gout

What is gout?

Gout is a painful disease in the joints. It is one of the group of arthritis diseases. It is caused by a condition in which the body has very high levels of uric acid in the blood. and has been accumulated over a long period of time Until those uric acid Precipitates in various parts of the body and forms large lumps on the body. Especially in the joints that were often inflamed, but if uric acid precipitated in the kidneys instead It can cause kidney stones and kidney deterioration.

Symptoms of gout

In the first stage, there will be acute hot red pain in the first 24 hours, which will suddenly appear. It most often occurs at the base of the big toe, ankle or knee joint and after 24 hours have passed. will start to get better and completely healed within 5-7 days

Uric acid, a gout-causing agent

Uric acid, a substance that causes gout. If there is an accumulation in the blood and precipitates as crystals as specified Normally, uric acid is created by the body 80% by itself, while the other 20% comes from eating foods that contain purines into the body.

Foods that are high in purines

Purine (Purine) is a type of organic compound. that can be found concentrated in The following foods

  • Animal organs such as liver, pancreas, heart, spleen, brain, intestines
  • Poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese
  • Some fish such as sardines, garfish, garfish, catfish
  • Meat extract and bouillon cubes
  • Some vegetables and grains such as red beans, mung beans, black beans, acacia, and acacia.

these foods This causes โปรโมชั่น ufabet a risk of gout, not just chicken, but all of these foods mentioned above. Gout patients should therefore avoid this type of food. To avoid foods that will cause higher uric acid levels.

It also includes alcoholic beverages, especially “beer” because beer has high purines. arising from The yeast used to make beer is high in purines, and beer isn’t brewed like liquor. So there’s still a lot of yeast and sugar left. And each time you drink We tend to drink more beer than other types of alcohol because after drinking it we don’t get drunk easily. Gout patients should avoid all types of alcoholic beverages. So it will be the best.

Gout treatment

Although gout is not a very serious disease, But it creates illness for the person suffering from the disease for a period of time. And it can affect daily life. People with symptoms should change their eating habits. By avoiding foods that are high in purines. And you need to drink more water. So that the water can help excrete uric acid through the urine. Or drinking milk will help reduce uric acid.

But if the pain frequently reoccurs, it is necessary to use medicine to reduce uric acid. Keep it below 5.0-6.0 mg/dl along with diet control so that the patient does not have arthritis symptoms. and can come back Eat a different kind of food Can be normal as before