Get to know Lazy Eye

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Get to know Lazy Eye

If you have ever felt that your two eyes are not working properly. The clarity in viewing the image is not equal It is assumed that you disease Today we will get to know this disease.

What is lazy eye disease ?

Lazy eye disease is a condition. Which vision on one side is blur. Or the quality of vision in both eyes is not the same. This occurs when less light enters one eye than it should. As a result, the quality of clarity in vision is not equal. condition It usually occurs in children only from birth until they are 6-7 years old.

Causes of lazy eye disease

lazy eye disease It is cause by the following reasons:

  • The eyesight of the two eyes is very different.  Whether it is nearsightedness, farsightedness, or asymmetrical tilt (Anisometropia), such as one eye being very shortsighted. The other side is just a little short. When the eyesight values ​​are very different The brain will adjust. By choosing to use the eye that is less short. Or the side that sees more clearly, causing the other eye use less.
  • Strabismus  is a condition in which the brain often blocks the perception of images from the squinting or squinting eye . In order not to see double images The eye that is disabled It can become lazy eyes.
  • Some eye diseases that obscure vision  or cause light to pass through the eye poorly, such as cataracts, ptosis, eye diseases, and wounds that has been since birth It may be on one side or both sides, causing the development of eyesight. Does not follow normal procedures Therefore causing lazy eye.

Lazy eye treatment

  • Closing the good eye  :  If you feel like you have or squinting, treat it by closing the good eye. In order for the good eye inferior to use
  • Using eyeglasses  :  In cases where lazy eye is cause by a problem. Which the vision values ​​of both eyes are very different. Whether it is nearsightedness, farsightedness, or asymmetrical astigmatism (Anisometropia), get glasses and use lenses that are appropriate for the vision in each eye.
  • Surgery  :  If the cause of lazy eye is caused by cataracts Bleeding in the vitreous fluid, drooping eyelids, surgery should done first. After that practice and improve vision. By closing the better eye to stimulate the lesser eye use more.

The challenge in treating lazy eye is that ยูฟ่าเบท the does not respond well to treatment. When the age is not more than 8-10 years. If older than this, treatment Will not work or not work very well, so if there are suspicious symptoms Parents should take their children to have their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. But most children with disease If you have symptoms, you won’t know them yourself. Parents may therefore notice if they see squints, spots in the eyes, closed eyelids, etc. so that they can receive treatment in a timely manner.

lazy eye disease Although the symptoms of the disease are not very severe But if you leave it No treatment It may cause symptoms to become more severe, starting with the onset of double vision. Whatever you look at, you have to focus and seeing the problem side becomes more difficult every day, including frequent headaches.