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Bayern ready to sell Nuebel next summer.

Alexander Nuebel is set to leave Bayern Munich permanently next football summer. But ending up with Stuttgart may not be difficult as the White Horse are not ready money matters. ‘Sport Bild’ reported on Wednesday that Bayern Munich is ready to consider selling. Alexander Nuebel in

Benefits of fruits and vegetables, 5 colors

for the baby Getting nutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables It will give you the nutritional value in its entirety. Which when it’s time for the baby to eat food Advise parents to keep finding 5 colors of fruits and vegetables for their children to eat. Today, we took the

7 foods to eat when having a sore throat.

Waking up in the morning and feeling a dry throat, sore throat, and difficulty swallowing is a terrible feeling even if eating anything at that moment doesn’t seem ideal. But it’s important to recharge when you’re sick. This is much easier if you choose the right food

“Leao” is only annoyed with Milan

AC Milan winger Rafael Leao admits he is not happy with the team’s goalless draw against Bologna and sees them trying to find a solution to the finishing problem . The Red Devils “missed the opportunity to score points away from the team after opening